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Coverage of the Young Entrepreneur Program’s Grand Opening

 Coverage of the Young Entrepreneur Program’s Grand Opening
M. H. West & Co., Inc.’s (WEST) Young Entrepreneur Program wrapped up its third year of summer education with Norfolk Public Schools. This year’s program was implemented at Ingleside Elementary School over a five week period. Teachers, administrators and students remarked that this was “the best year yet.” The program, which won a Collaboration Award from the Norfolk Education Foundation continues to gain momentum.  Below are links to coverage of yesterday’s Grand Opening of the Business.

Ingleside Elementary Boosts Young Entrepreneurs

Ingleside Elementary Students Demonstrate Their Entrepreneur Skills

Ingleside Students Show Off Entrepreneurship Skills in Norfolk

Norfolk Public Schools Facebook Page

Many of the familiar Ingleside School family were there assisting students as they applied the concepts that they learned about entrepreneurship.  Dr. Balthazar, Brennan West, and Camye Allen, Lillian Brinkley and others were all participating and cheering on students.  They were joined by several members of WEST’s team in Richmond to include Julian House and Joe Armstrong.  The Young Entrepreneur Program focuses on sharpening reading, math, critical thinking, decision making, time management and life skills for participants.  Marilyn West says “she is thrilled with the outcomes from the program as it is tied to the SOL’s.  Using a non-traditional approach to boost learning for students who were engaged from the first day of class is very gratifying.”

M. H. West & Co., Inc. would like to thank Norfolk Public Schools, Ingleside Elementary School, Sentara Leigh Hospital, KPMG, SwimWays, attorney Monte E. Kuligowski and our Young Entrepreneurs for a great year!

Innovative PIE Program Enters Second Year

Below is an informative press release from Ferrum College about our PIE program. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the PIE program.


PIE (Positive Relationships + Image Enhancement = Employment) produces individuals who are educated, experienced and empowered.
Marilyn H. WestFERRUM, VA. (July 30, 2015) – Ferrum College’s PIE (Positive Relationships + Image Enhancement = Employment) Program will begin its second year during the fall semester. Working in partnership with qualified Ferrum faculty and staff, PIE provides supplementary tools and resources to boost traditional models of education, resulting in accelerated and sustained employment.

“For Ferrum College students, the innovative PIE program is a hands-on opportunity that will produce competent individuals who are educated, experienced, and empowered. PIE gives our students a step ahead toward achieving gainful employment and promising career growth well after their four years on campus,” said Ferrum College President Jennifer Braaten.

“Our essential mission is now, and has always been, to prepare students for useful employment in our communities. Today, this means we must not only equip our graduates with academic credentials, but also with the social skills and awareness of how to succeed in a variety of work place situations,” continued Braaten.

Marilyn West, Ferrum College trustee and Chair and CEO of M.H. West Co., devised the PIE Program to provide a hands-on opportunity for growth for students. “PIE is more than an educational program, it is a pathway to help guarantee success for the future minds of tomorrow,” explained West, whose firm specializes in management, planning and education services.

“It is essential that candidates for employment demonstrate they are equipped with soft skills to obtain and sustain employment in a highly competitive work place and to successfully navigate the journey of life as well,” West emphasized.  “The PIE program engages participants with guidance and innovative exercises to enhance understanding of soft skills, how to leverage the skills to boost capability and track progress from using the skills to move ahead.”

West is pleased to partner with Ferrum for a second year in customizing and rolling out a PIE Program for students. “Ferrum College is leading the way in integrating soft skills development and academics as it invests in each student when they kick off their college experience,” she said.

West was recently awarded the YWCA 2015 Outstanding Women Award. She has broken through cultural, geographic and gender barriers in her 24 years of management consulting. Her public service has included mentoring and coaching for executives, other professionals, students and at-risk populations. She leads the board of the Black History Museum and Cultural Center and serves on the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation Board and the advisory board of the Metropolitan Business League.

Read the original article.

Young Entrepreneur Program Visits KPMG in Norfolk

One of the features of M. H. West & Co., Inc.’s award-winning Young Entrepreneur Program is site visits. Each week students visit a local business to learn how it operates and to see concepts that they have learned in the classroom practiced in the real world. Last week students participating in the Young Entrepreneur Program at Ingleside Elementary School were able to visit the KPMG office located in Norfolk, Virginia.

The images below were taken by Brennan West who works with Ingleside Elementary School on the Young Entrepreneur Program. If you are interested in learning how the Young Entrepreneur Program can benefit your students, please contact M. H. West & Co., Inc. at 888.937.8904.

July 28th Is World Hepatitus Day

July 28th Is World Hepatitus Day

The theme for this year’s World Hepatitis Day is “Prevent hepatitis. Act now”. Viral hepatitis is caused by 5 distinct hepatitis viruses. Infection from these viruses results in approximately 1.45 million deaths each year. These viruses are transmitted through contaminated water and food, as well as by contact with blood or bodily fluids, through unsafe injections or transfusions. Infection also occurs from a mother to a child, or through sexual contact. Infection through all these routes of transmission can be prevented through proven and effective interventions. It is important for everyone to be aware of hepatitis and to learn how they can protect themselves from being infected.

Richmond Jazz Festival at Maymont

Richmond Jazz Festival at Maymont

Experience the roots of American culture at the sixth annual Richmond Jazz Festival, August 6-9th. Regarded as a “world-class jazz event worth traveling for,” the Richmond Jazz Festival, renowned for its dynamic, lively atmosphere, appetizing cuisine and phenomenal lineup with some of the best in jazz, funk and blues, attracts over 10,000 fans each year.

Throughout the week, preview events at the historic Hippodrome Theater, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Hardywood Park Craft Brewery showcase the genre’s best local and national talent. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, thousands travel from near and far to Maymont, a Richmond jewel, to take in the sights and sounds of one of the largest jazz festivals on the East Coast. From tasty eats to great finds and some of the best wine around, the Richmond Jazz Festival has established itself as a premier cultural destination for music aficionados across the globe.

Go to jazzatmaymont.com for the schedule and tickets.






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Healthcare Reform PIE is a signature Learning Program of M. H. West & Co., Inc. designed to expand the experiences of students as they prepare for the work force.
View the Program Profile  •  Visit the PIE Facebook Page

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